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The Bartered Bride - 1966

August 19, 2010
Hi everyone,

I received this info from Jacqui Chalom per e-mail on The Bartered Bride - 1966:

"My name is Jacqui Chalom. I was the circus ballerina in the 1966 production of The Bartered Bride with Leonore Veenemans and Ge Korsten. Producer Victor Melleney and Conductor Leo Quayle at the Civic and Aula theatres. (I was then Jacqueline Eliason with PACT ballet company). I would give anything to see this production on a video/cd! Our media in those days was ‘non-existent!’ Is there any possibility of acquiring this? I thought that Leonore Veenemans and Ge Korsten were unbelievable and to this day still rave about them!

I am so proud to have been linked to that production with South Africa’s GREATEST ever.

My role was to be thrown horizontally from one end of the stage, being caught and then returned to the other side.
When we were auditioned, we have to have been able to perform 16 fouettes on point at the end and this I, with G-d’s gracious help, managed to do, so got the part! Anyway, it was probably the most amazing role ever! So, that’s a bit more of the history!

It is just my most fervent wish to see this somehow. So if you ever find any info/photos etc., please, please let me know".

Is there anyone out there who might have a recording of the production, or photos of Jacqueline as Circus Ballerina? We would love to hear from you!

Best regards

The Veenemans Sopranos

July 27, 2010

Hi Everyone,

This is a new site and there are many gaps with regard to information. Any additional information that you might want to share with us would be highly appreciated. 

This blog will also be a forum for you to leave any comments.

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